PF Corporation is a leading Scandinavian sports nutrition and nutritional brand and consumer foods supplier, headquartered in Norway. PF Corporation has 30 employees and operate specific in the Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and the Chinese market through wholly and part owned companies. PF’s company vision is to be a world leader in supplying a recognisable brand for sports nutrition and special high protein, low fat and healthy nutritional products for the consumer.



To be a Scandinavian market leader and a world supplier in sports food, nutritional healthy food and functional food.

PF´s strategic objectives are to keep up the development of new products with a sound and sensible macro set up of the nutritional baselines between; Proteins, Carbohydrates and healthy fats, and get them out in the market for consumer lust. We know that getting new products to the market place can sometimes be a challenge, with our close relationship with our current and new customers we are able to obey the initiatives and apply the solutions for our customers.